Thursday, April 27, 2017

Final Project: Pack Rats Vehicle and Trailer Wrap

This is the final product that was able to create for Troy's Pack Rat company.  The vehicle wrap turned as I wanted.  I wanted to use as much of the negative space as possible. Unfortunately I am not competent enough to have figured out how to rotate the vehicle to show a tailgate wrap. This is also present throughout the trailer wrap. I had difficult time saving images to a PNG file in order to upload to the free software program that I used.  The second half of the trailer wrap I would of like include some of the services that Pack Rats offer. Such as junk and landscape removal along with moving.  The Pack Rats log stands out very well and has a professional feel.  As we discussed the house sitting upon the company name creates closure within the image. With more training and experience I would have liked to include some more graphics that would drag the eye across the canvas of the vehicle down to the trailer. Forcing the viewer to see both logos and contact information. Beside the lack of know how, I feel this was an interesting learning experience that will be useful in my future professional career choices. Regardless of profession, visual design knowledge will always be a useful tool. Thanks to every in the group.

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